Wolfeistein 2:The New colossus

Everything that worked for Wolfeistein The new order is dailed up for round two. With instantly likable heroes and born chilling villans giving emotional contacts to it’s bloody uprising against high tech nutcy.Wolfeistein 2:The New colossus has come into play.

It really is incredible how this story works considering how absad it is. One moment it’s ultra serious and delivering a sickening dose of venomous racism using cold-blooded cruelty and yet the next minute it will translate to scenes of laugh out comedy and then it’s back to DJ with his own mortality.

Wolfeistein 2 pulls this off without replash due to the strength of the characters who are outstandingly written out and acted. Browsing scenes featuring Djs internal mortal log racing her determined but set eyes and super specialist crazy conspiracy to run a little bathroom humor are all great and with convincing confidence.
But it’s the evil general angle who steals the show with her absolute cruelty whenever she’s on screen. Flash backs of Djs relationship with his unforgiving father are also unsettling.

All this goes to show for as long as you have characters who feel complex and human, you can get away with just about anything. Action is already satisfying but it’s made even more sore thanks to the fast and smooth first person shooting action and the rewarding enemy eliminations you make.

Wolfeistein 2 makes the most of it’s somewhat standard feeling weapons by letting you mix match and customize. You got to keep moving to stay alive and play consciously to stay alive. Grabbing health and ammo where you can find them. Unlike the tedious picking up of items by pressing buttons, you can quickly and easily pick up items by passing over them.T

The game areas are dotted with details and readable bits about life in reality that make exploration worth. It’s the non combat areas that really distinguish themselves. Walking round a nutsy parade in new Mexico and listening to new SS officers chatting with clans men on common ground is chilly. And the detail is excellent.
Final verdict

Wolfeistein 2:The New colossus is a fantastic single player shooter with brilliantly written characters and the performances.Dj and his crew are full of spirit and personality, and general angles are as memorable as you like to find in games.

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