The Evil Within 2 is an ambitious genuinely intense and a times brutally difficult to experience. Like the original before it, The Evil Within 2 may not know how to deliver convincing dialogue or maintain a consistent tone, but it does know that the more pure survival horror is just to make you feel like you just survive time after time.

The developers have a good job at a cleaner setup this time around by sending main character to rescue his thought dead daughter adding some emotional scenes. Its world remains delightfully and malleable wired. The sense that the rules can change at any moment keeps it more interesting.

The Evil Within 2 travels an unusual road as its first half is totally very different from its second. Its second half on the other hand travels on a break neck pace and its strength.

Its much bigger with sand box this time around to and you have much freedom exploring it.UNION aka Any town USA is a sprawling post apocalyptic mist of many dinners and numerous horrors.

It has varieties that offer unique enemy encounters quest and loot that feels organically baked to the world. In every instance, The Evil within 2 is worth it. It has been caught by a mob particularly alone you will die more often than not. Enemies with relentless and delightfully gross in their territory space.

You don’t always have to fight though, like its predecessor the Evil Within 2 allows for a stealthier approach and its slightly more feasible this way around. In classic horror survival style, much of the acceleration in Evil Within 2 comes from being spotted and having to suddenly launch int a fight making use of whatever resources you have at hand.

Final verdict

The Evil Within 2 gives you more options to play your way in a much bigger survival horror play ground than the original. Being pursued by an increasingly bizarre world of plentiful disturbing monsters keeps you on a hook of intense pressure.

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