Super Mario Odyssey{Nintendo-Switch}

This is another brilliant redefinition of the platform that was popularized thirty years ago. And best of all even with the story complete, Odyssey has so much more to offer.

Odyssey may look like a straight successor to the Mario 64 and sunshine of sun box 3d Mario, but its so much more than that. Naturally it evokes honors and sometimes directly inspired by the games that directly came before it and its characters music and mechanics. But it also has new things to say like fusing classic style 2d game play with the 3d world and using a completely new possession mechanic to add constant variety to more usability and exploit.

That possession power embodied by Mario new side kicks slash headwear cappy is Odysseys the freshest idea. In keeping with Nintendo decade long of charmingly non sensual story lines his a hat and has teamed up with Mario in order to rescue the sister tearo who has been kidnapped by a Blazer along with princess pitch.

Cappy is fantastically fanned power allows you to take over many other characters by throwing Mario hats at them his also creatively used as a jump pad and a weapon that is powerful. Many of the cleverest and most smile inducing possessions are best left as surprises.

Odysseys inspired integration of 2d game play complete with super Mario deserves special mention as each blends weapons grade pure retro with numerous other call backs while still changing things up and staying distinct with those original games. They bend the rules so far and even go beyond the most ambitious creations we saw in super Mario maker.

Some Odysseys the finest moments follow the credits from its new unlockables to a clever new implementation of an old friend to entire new worlds you weren’t expecting.

Odyssey isn’t difficult, most boss fights are over a bit quicker than their gorgeous designs would suggest. And when you do fail, you are taxed meaningless 10 gold coins to get you back to the checkpoint. Instead, challenge is in exploration, there are hundreds and hundreds of power moons to discover and you want to gather them cause they are the keys that unlock new worlds. Some are behind hidden doors, some are elsewhere.

Final verdict.

Mario games have been around for almost as long as gaming consoles have been the thing. Super Mario Odyssey delivers on that ongoing promise of originality and innovation. It instills the better series as joyful, relevant world and class and best of world performing action which introduces a steady stream of new and interesting mechanics.

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