Now we come to steep first expansion road to Olympics. As you can guess it’s based on the oncoming winter Olympic games in South Korea where you take your character on a journey from training for the Olympic games to win the gold medals to the actual Olympics and doing that task.

You get some nice interviews with some athletes on the journey through it. Sadly the expansion isn’t part of the season’s past. The story mode feels like a 3-hour-long tutorial before you actually get to the Olympics.

Then you do your three events, win them and done. But expansion comes along when that is over since you unlock a lot of Olympic games as well as standard ones from the games different sports on both the new mountains set in the career and the other two mountains in the game. Besides the three events from the story mode, you get a downhill skiing and so much more. You can also pick between ski and snow board but for a few events.

The commentator sounds like his boosting for a ship mode. All the game controls very well and the games physics suite them very well as well. But sometimes you can fall off your ski or snow board seemingly randomly but that is rare.

Besides events features have been added as well. Grinding is now finally in the game, it’s both easy to pull off and worth a lot of points. Also, snow parts have been added as well to the games mountains.

The mountain in expansion looks amazing, different weather effects and some variety to where you repeatedly visit. The snow effects also look really good especially when you bail.

Final verdict

The DLC is a decent price for what you get. If it’s your first time getting into steep then you get into the wings of the Olympics is an easy game to pick up and play, tricks are overly difficult and you get rewarded for everything you do even smashing face fist into a rock.

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