Monster Hunter:World

It’s almost a shock to discover how the subtitle world sums up capcoms achievements with the latest monster hunter the series first western console game since the Wii brings forth the thrilling boss battles and new overwhelming customization of it’s full bares on a scale never seen before

Monster hunter series of action rpgs has always been one that offers more. You begin with nothing but a flimsy weapon on a chain mail on your back and take on monster hunting quests. Simple game play look quickly and rewardingly expands your capabilities.

You harvest materials from the prey in the environments they live in, use them to build stronger gear and then use that gear to take on stronger monsters to get even more gear. That loop is made much more complex by 14 weapon types with entirely different controls, hundreds of items to craft and numerous interlocking systems.that complexity has historically limited monster hunters main appeal., and after just the first few hours in the world it becomes clear that non of that is being thrown in the bus in the name of accessibility.

Instead, quality of life improvements have smoothed off a few rough edges making things simpler armour skills more abundant and looting quicker.

Worlds central plat line of traveling to a new continent and in the wek of a migrating elderly dragon is a neat one and pleasantly natural in tone the bottom line is that while not everyone will enjoy this much management alongside the miming, monster hunter world is one of the most consistently exciting and satisfying game you could ever play. I urge you to get yourself a copy.

There’s a lot you can say about monster hunter world it’s very generous with content and it will consistently make your time feel well spent. Weapon upgrades feel more quest full as you are forced to complete most of them to get to what you want.

Say you’ve struggled with a monster throwing on a suite of max resistant armour suddenly turns the max fight. Every system fits and works together like precise clock work engineering sending you tickings from one task to the next, crafting better and better equipment gradually building a tool box of fighting and defense weapons tailor made for worlds increasingly dangerous enemies. Maybe the most fundamental change here is the way you find monsters.

The new scout flies are clew based tracking system where from footprints to gods of mucus unlocks your preys location as well as more information about its weaknesses and habits. You are essentially opening a wiki page and Trust me This game is more interesting than that sounds.

It makes world looping structure even more rewarding. World makes a much-needed change to multiplayer to combining the series which is traditionally set for multiplayer campaigns to a single string of quests that can be played either alone or even up to four.

The major upgrade however has clearly come in monster hunter worlds graphical spectacle which can finely match that design. Hunting grounds are huge seamless maps that range from beautiful to breath taking. The amazing coral highland area specifically makes clearest how beneficial this shifting in hardware has been.

Monster hunter stars have always been the monsters themselves, Gorgeous notes of fantasy illustration brilliant animation and inspired combat design, battling with good knowledge of your moves from hammer strikes to the area acrobatics while learning the monsters steps in return. You will be clumsy when you begin but fight on and you will soon be upgrading with your armour and weapons by use of scales and bones from your monsters. You quickly begin to learn which monsters are territorial and every area has a food chain in which monsters mostly know their place.

Final verdict.

This is most audacious Hunter game as world manages to balance between staying true to the series ideals and its addictive combat with intimidating monsters and meaningful upgrades that fans love. It also takes a dramatic look and feel into a size that is truly new.

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