Assassin’s Creed Origins

From sliding down a side of a pyramid to hunting a target amidst the madness of a sand storm to casually walking through beautifully recreated historical settings like the library of Alexandria. Assassins creed origins is a story full of secrets worthy of Egypt last royal protector Biek of Siwa. It’s also the series first full on role-playing game and makes a delightful scent of discovery with an addictive leveling system.

It’s the biggest and most connected ever in an assassin’s creed game featuring multiple cities with different cultures different guards politics race relations and prejudices to uncover.its also distinct in architecture and environment and that makes it significant time commitment to one that is consistently varied and surprising.

The exploration is even made more impressive by the lack of loading screens except for some story cut scenes and if you choose to fast travel.

While the main story is delightfully mystical on its own, origins also has the strongest mission design in any assassins’ creed game to back it up. From collecting clues to solve mysteries to gladiatorial fighting to black flag ship to ship combat. Each series of missions feels like a self-contained customized game play.

Another highlighted series is hidden temples which tie int assassin’s creed over rushing syfy series in interesting ways.

Ofcourse its being an assassins’ creed game here are a lot of packles and climbing in this game and they are more seamless than ever. The act of climbing is almost as passive as running and well that removes part of the challenges that existed in previous series of the game.

There’s definitely renewed challenge in the combat which has been significantly rebuilt, having to know when to block dodge or when to parry creates a whole more tensions there has existed in previous games and there’s a fair amount of enemy variety. You also have the ability to lock on one specific target at a time which only made stale segments more precise.

Then there are weapons which vary in type priority and effect as part of a proper loot system.

While unlocking new abilities and story missions generally happens on a smooth pace, there’s quite a lot of grinding to be done

Final verdict.

Assassins creed origins is a deep dive into a truly standing realization of ancient Egypt, with a rich series of cultures genuine characters and more mission variety than any other game in the series. The combat is challenging and thoughtful and there are enough different weapon types and enough enemy variety to keep you thinking.

The rpg elements encourage challenges of their own and Assassins creed origins is the game that you desperately want to keep playing.

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